Flicking Lizard: small independent book publishers

Author FAQ's

Which genres do you publish?
Any type of fiction, biography, autobiography or history. The genres we do not publish include short stories, poetry, children's books or self-help books.
How do I submit my manuscript?
Send the first 40 pages to our e-mail address: flickliz@googlemail.com. We do not accept manuscripts by post. Please note that we are unable to respond to all the submissions we receive; if you have not heard back within three months, your submission was not successful.
Do you pay an advance? What are your royalties?
We pay all writers an advance. The amount varies considerably but the minimum is £500. All writers recieve royalties, the minimum being 10% of net, which are paid twice yearly.
Will I end up having to pay for marketing, etc., if you publish my book?
No. All costs including editing, marketing, book production, etc., are the responsibility of the publisher.
I have already had a book published. Would you be interested in my new work?
Yes. The majority of books that we publish are from first time authors; however, we are more than happy to consider published or self-published authors. It is also of no concern whether you have or haven't secured an agent.
Could you provide a detailed explanation as to why you will not publish my book?
Sorry, but apart from time constraints, it is not something that we like doing. Sometimes we may think your work is of a high standard but unlikely to provide a return of our investment, and other times the writing just did not interest us. Remember the importance of a good opening; if you haven't grabbed our attention after the first 20–30 pages, we are unlikely to read any further.
Will you do a good job marketing my book?
Marketing and exposure are vital to a book's success. We will make every effort to get your book media coverage and to be stocked in as many bookshops as possible, including the large chains. It takes alot of our time and money to get a book published ... we want your book to succeed every bit as much as you do.

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